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Post Construction and Vacant Home Cleaning

Getting a vacant home cleaned or new home ready to move in can be a daunting task. We specialize in hard-to-clean move-in or move-out situations. Whether you have a new home or rental property that needs a deep clean, please schedule as soon as possible. Getting a dust free home ready takes longer especially if you had new construction or an unexpected vacancy. Angel Cleaners meticulously cleans and sanitizes the following with our 20-point inspection.

  1. Sweep, vacuum and mop all floors
  2. Expertly clean all ceiling fans
  3. Remove all cobwebs from the ceiling and door jams
  4. Wipe down blinds and plantation shutters
  5. Clean windows and windowsills
  6. Scrub and wipe down baseboards
  7. Thoroughly clean air condition intake vents
  8. Wipe down doors and remove smudges
  9. Wipe down chair rails and wanes coating
  10. Sanitize light switch plates
  11. Wipe down and clean bathroom and kitchen cabinets
  12. Sanitize all countertops
  13. Scour and disinfect all sinks
  14. Dust and clean all light fixtures
  15. Expertly clean inside and outside freezer and refrigerator
  16. Oven cleaning inside and wipe down
  17. Clean inside and outside of microwave
  18. Clean and scour all toilets.
  19. Clean and scrub all showers, grout and bathtubs
  20. Lastly, we bag and remove all dust, dirt and dirty rags from your home

If you have certain areas of your home that needs extra attention or have your own list, please don’t hesitate to tell us. If you have a home office, we can work around you as we do many clients quickly and efficiently.